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Friend, let me tell you a tale.

In ancient Eld Sirrah, land of Thunder, civilization is on the brink. Ravaged by a century of a terrible curse, all but the mightiest of kingdoms have turned to dust. Abandoned cities and holdfasts of the old world jut like sinister teeth, ravaged by “The Horror.”

It is an age of vast frontiers, an age of redrawn maps and splintered axes. It is an age of bronze, iron, and magic.

It is an age of adventure!

Such an age cannot turn without heroes, and heroes are in no short supply! Here we find, An orc runt swordswoman and a goblin pup, last of his hive. Together, they will ride screaming into legend, but first their tale must be told.

This is the tale of OrcGirl and Gobbo.


Chris Yarbrough

Chris Yarbrough

Creator, Writer, & Illustrator

Chris Yarbrough, or “The Illustrator Yar” as he’s known amongst the Northern hill tribes, and desert nomads, is here to do much, much more than cave paintings. Friend, let me tell you, he has a stylus in hand and vengeance in his heart. He knows his good fortune comes not from the Gods, in their high halls, but from you.

your patronage is the horse blood he mixes in mare’s milk, when the ride is long. You are the mighty eagle of the night sky that guides him on the vast plain. You are the blood-mad exultation that springs forth, when he calls down wrath upon his enemies. For this, he gives thanks and makes sacrifices in your honor.

The Illustrator Yar has no goats, he has no silver…Only content. Content that is yours, if you would but only reach out your hand, and take it!

What will it be, friend? Will you take it, or will the howling ones consume your flesh?

The choice is yours.

Outland Entertainment

Outland Entertainment


OUTLAND ENTERTAINMENT is a publisher, located in Topeka, Kansas, with a focus in fiction, comics, original graphic novels, and games. Beginning in 2008 as a creative services house, we’ve since worked with clients all over the United States and the world to bring their ideas, concepts, and projects to life through illustration, design, and narrative storytelling.

In 2014, we decided to take all our years of experience developing projects for clients and plunged into publishing our own books and games. We have a deep passion for trans-media, so the majority of our projects are planned to be released in different media, comics, graphic novels, games, and fiction as well.

In 2017, Outland Entertainment acquired Ragnarok Publications and brought an incredible library of intellectual property, anthologies, and a distribution deal through Independent Publishers Group (IPG) into the fold. We are currently in talks with several other distributors to carry our games and comics.